Open Campus

2020 Open Campus

Aobayama Campus

2020 July 30th (Tue) / 31st (Wed) 9:00 - 16:00
Department of Engineering Administrative Building Entrance Hall
(10 min. walk from South Exit 1. of Sendai city subway 'Aobayama Station')
Graduate School Introduction/Exhibition & Demonstration, Experience Corner, Graduate School entrance guidance, mock classes etc.
Graduate School Introduction/ Exhibition

This panel will introduce the research content of the Graduate School of Medical Engineering recently established in 2008. The field of medical engineering is new and combines the fields of medicine and biology with the engineering knowledge to create new medical and treatment advancements and technology. Research topics include new diagnosis, development of therapeutic methods, clarification of biological systems and mechanisms, technological innovations for medical treatments and welfare, research on cells and tissue and the development of artificial organs and biocompatible materials. There will also be a display of research results and a demonstration/experience corner.

Panel Display Corner

Within Tohoku University the fields of medicine and engineering are collaborating with many types of research and developments being conducted. Come and see the introduction panel of the Graduate School of Medical Engineering, the first to be established in Japan.

Graduate School Admission Information

A consultation corner mainly to handle enquiries from those who wish to enter or transfer to the graduate school. In addition, brochures and application guidelines will be available free of charge.

Demonstration and Experience Corner

A demonstration/experience corner for a section of laboratories will be available.

(Some laboratories will also be exhibits at the mechanical and electrical venues)

Mock Class
July 30th (Tue)
Professor Shinichi Izumi
Lecture Title
Approaching the mystery of rehabilitation through the fusion of medicine and engineering
14:00 - 15:00
Administrative Tower Lecture Room 203
July 31st (Wed)
Professor Tetsu Tanaka
Lecture Title
Do you know medical engineering? Aiming for medical innovations through engineering.
9:00 - 9:40
Mechanical Lecture Building Lecture Room 1