Policy and Philosophy

Aim and objective of our graduate school

Our aim is to educate researchers and engineers who have creativity, strong research skills, and expert knowledge in the integrated field of biomedical engineering. These researchers and engineers will pursue their own research and development to promote evolution and innovation in science for the improvement of medicine and social welfare in order to realize a truly affluent society.

Masters Program
We educate researchers and engineers who use their own ideas to solve problems using strong research skills and expertise based on fundamental knowledge in the field of biomedical engineering.
Doctoral Program
We educate expert researchers who choose pertinent, socially relevant research subjects for the betterment of social welfare and medicine. We also educate leaders who teach in their fields and carry out the research subjects while developing their own broader perspectives.

Educational policy

Biomedical engineering is a new interdisciplinary field that bridges the gap between engineering and biomedicine and, by integrating them, aims for the evolution of both. This field develops not only by collaboration and expertise in medicine and engineering, but also by creation of new discipline. Therefore, in our graduate school of biomedical engineering, we teach in-depth knowledge and techniques of engineering and broad expertise in biomedicine to foster the discovery of new principles in biology and medical science and new technology for medical diagnosis and treatment.