Research Center

Biomedical Engineering Cancer Research Center

Director Tetsuya Kodama

In 2010, more than 800,000 people in Japan were newly diagnosed with cancer, and around half this number die each year. The mission of The Biomedical Engineering Cancer Research Center (BECRC) is to eliminate cancer in Japan and indeed the world, through systematization that integrates the prevention, diagnosis and evaluation of cancer, and through the establishment of an interdisciplinary education/research framework. The main functions of the BECRC are to:

  1. Promote leading-edge biomedical engineering research in the field of cancer
  2. Establish an international research environment for the study of cancer
  3. Consolidate the international clinical trial system for cancer
  4. Develop innovative methods in biomedical engineering to treat cancer

Biomedical Engineering for Cancer

Tetsuya Kodama (Director), Shiro Mori,

Wave-Triggered Nanomedicine:

Shinichiro Umemura, Shin Yoshizawa

Biomedical Material Engineering:

Masakazu Kawashita

Quantum Medical Engineering:

Atsuki Terakawa

Medical Device Innovation Center

Development of innovative medical devices and its global outreach is one of the most important issues for future of Japan. In comparison with pharmaceutical products, medical device has a wide variety of size and styles and it should be tailor-made for the each clinical needs. Medical Device Innovation Center matches the clinical needs raised by medical doctors or co-medical staffs with the engineering seeds possessed by the researchers in Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering and related faculties in Tohoku University. The center produces the prototype of the medical device from the idea of matching of clinical needs and engineering seeds and it relays to animal experiments or clinical trials with the collaboration with Clinical Research, Innovation and Education Center, Tohoku University Hospital.

The main functions of the Medical Device Innovation Center are to:

  1. Match the clinical needs and engineering seeds
  2. Produce prototypes of medical devices
  3. Promote collaboration between academia and industry

Director Yoshifumi Saijo