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With an increasingly rapid aging society there is need to promote the development of science and technology related to medicine and welfare, in order to promote an advanced welfare society. As such, there is a strong need to train researchers, educators, and technicians responsible for medical engineering, a field that combines aspects of both medicine and engineering.
Tohoku University has a long history and tradition with the field of medical engineering, dating back 80 years and has made great contribution through its connections with medical and engineering research groups. In 2007, upon celebrating the 100th anniversary of its foundation, Tohoku University set out to create a school dedicated to move forward for the next 100 years. The newly created ‘Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering’ focused on bringing the strengths of those involved in medical engineering and greatly expand on the education and research of this field.
If you wish to get involved with the field that strives to create the future for humanity, be sure to visit the Graduate School of Medical Engineering.

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An introduction to the first two years of doctoral engineering courses and the third year doctoral course.

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