Programs and Application

Master's Program

This is a course for university graduates which leads to a master's degree. An international student who has completed sixteen years of formal education, or who is recognized to be equal or superior in scholastic achievements to a graduate from a Japanese university may apply for admission to this course.

2023 Academic Year Guidelines for Spring Application in the Master's Program(Enrolled in April 2023)

Doctoral Program

This is a course for a student with a master's degree who intends to pursue a doctor's degree. An international student can apply for this course if he or she has received a master's degree from a graduate school abroad which is equivalent to a master's degree from a Japanese university, or if he or she is recognized to be equal or superior in scholastic achievements to a student with a master's degree from a Japanese university. Study in this course demands a high level of research ability, and in some cases a student cannot expect to receive a doctor's degree within the prescribed three - year period.

2023 Academic Year Guidelines for Spring Application in the Doctoral Program(Enrolled in April 2023)

Application Deadline of the Programs

Programs Duration Degree Enrollment Application deadline
Masters 2 years Master of Biomedical Engineering April January
October July
Doctoral 3 years Ph D (Biomedical Engineering) April January and July
October July


* Basically Japanese applicants should use the Japanese forms. To obtain it, please mail the Graduate academic affairs section (refer to below).
* Entrance examination of this degree program in Japanese is held in Sendai, Japan. Many applicants from outside Japan enter a couple of months before the exam as a Research Student first, and prepare for the exam while familiarizing to the new environment, although this is not required for admissions.


Department inquiries:

Office: 022-795-4824
E-mail: bme-kyom*
(Please move* to@.)



Written recommendation prepared by the faculty member under whom you expect to study is required. Ask the faculty member for detail qualification for application.

All instructions and examinations at the university are generally conducted in Japanese. Foreign students are required to have a good command of the Japanese language. Proof of Japanese language proficiency prepared by a Japanese instructor or adviser is required for application

Research Student

The research student program is a non-degree program open to students who wish to study specific subjects at the School of Engineering. The program is not for credit. Applicants who intend to apply for the graduate level should elect and contact a prospective academic advisor to discuss details of research work and application.

Application, Admission and Tuition Fee Information

An application fee is required to take the entrance exam. In order to enroll, students must also pay entrance and tuition fees. Students who find it difficult to pay entrance or tuition fees for economic reasons may be granted a waiver for one half or the entire entrance fee and/or one third, one half, or the entire tuition fee, pending an application and screening.

*Non-degree Students are not eligible for these waivers.

Tuition Fee Information (Tohoku University)

Financial Aid

Tohoku University offers reduction or exemption of tuition fees for students in financial difficulty.

Financial Aid


Graduate Academic Affairs Section, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University 6-6-12, Aramaki Aza Aoba Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8579, Japan
(TEL) +81-22-795-4824
(E-mail) bme-kyom* (Please move* to@.)